Wellness Wednesday by Nurse Fiona- Dandelion

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What we often label as a weed can be one of nature’s top healing foods. Dandelion is packed with Vitamins A, C & B6, calcium, iron & magnesium. The herb is also a great source of fibre. The stem or floret can be eaten raw, boiled or infused into tea. The root is often dried, powdered & roasted for use as a coffee substitute.

Benefits of Dandelion

• Cleanses liver: The nutrients present in Dandelion aid liver detoxification. This herb stimulates bile production to help the body break down fats.

• Skin brightener: The sap of a dandelion stem is highly alkaline, and it has germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. Dandelion also contains a high amount of Vitamin A, a nutrient essential for skin renewal and turnover

• High in antioxidants: This herb often thought of as a backyard weed is packed full of antioxidants. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and A needed for anti ageing and protection from free radical damage

• Aids elimination of toxins: Dandelion has a diuretic effect, allowing your liver to eliminate toxins. It also helps strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels

• Supports gut function: Dandelion is a great source of fibre making it beneficial for digestion and intestinal health

• Prevents Urinary tract infections: Dandelion helps reduce uric acid and stimulate urine production, reducing bacteria causing common Urinary tract infections.

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