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Coq10 or Ubiquinone is a fat-soluble compound synthesized by the body and also consumed in the diet. This compound has been hailed as a potent anti oxidant that can slow down ageing. Coq10 also plays a key role in energy production within our body

Benefits of CoQ10

  • Anti ageing: Coq10 levels gradually decline from our 20s. This nutrient is a key player in in protecting our skin cells from oxidative damage
  • Energy production: Coq10 plays a key role in the transformation of food into energy within our mitochondria.
  • Potent anti-oxidant protecting our cells from free radical damage
  • Inhibits oxidation of cholesterol leading to a healthier heart
  • Helps maintain pH levels of cells: Coq10 helps transport proteins across our cell membranes and separate certain digestive enzymes which helps maintain balance of acidity within our cells

Although our bodies have the ability to make some CoQ10 on its own, production naturally declines as we age- just when we need our cells to help defend us most. This means we can all benefit from consuming more CoQ10 from food or high-quality supplements. Our organic acids test can measure oxidation within your cells and whether you have an increased need for this Coq10.

Foods rich in CoQ10

  • Organic eggs
  • Herring, sardines, mackerel and trout
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Oranges
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Grass fed organic beef and chicken

CoQ10 supplementation

The standard dose for CoQ10 is generally 90mg for a low dose and 200mg for the higher dose, taken once daily with a meal due to its reliance on food for absorption. Nurse Fiona recommends opting for a CoQ10 brand that contains no fillers or binders.  Viridian CoQ10 is a great brand using organic ingredients within their supplement.

Nuriss CoQ10 hydrating toner

CoenzymeQ10 is such an important nutrient in anti ageing and cellular metabolism that Nuriss founder Dr Anita included this in our famous Nuriss hydrating toner. Using unique nanoparticle technology, this skin toning formulation delivers invigorating CoQ10 enzymes deep into the cells, with a powerful antioxidant and skin protecting effect, this helps to provide a natural PH balance for the skin, leaving the skin feeling healthy and protected.

If you would like more information about Nuriss Organic acids test or any other testing we offer, please email enquiries@nuriss.co.uk

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