How a chemical peel saves tired winter skin

With the days growing colder, drier, and darker, some of us are enamoured with winter evenings and some of us not so much. There’s plenty going on in winter, such as Christmas and New Year knocking on our doors, and so many upcoming social occasions that we want to look our best for. Our skin’s needs change with the seasons and their environment, so colder weather compounded with late nights and party season inevitably works against our skin’s natural glow. How will a chemical peel help save your tired winter skin, and do we need to change anything else in our skincare routine?


Winter skin has different needs

Winter is perhaps one of the most skincare-intensive seasons of the year. Conditions become comparatively harsher than what we’re used to. Colder, drier, and duller weather combine with seasonal social festivities to sap moisture from our skin. It’s easy for skin to become tired-looking, dry, and stressed during winter days, and it’s important to acknowledge these changes in our skincare routines too. Even when having a relaxing night in, having the central heating on in your house still dries the air and therefore your skin. Winter skincare is essential to your skin’s continued health, but there are treatments like the chemical peel that can help you along this path.


How a chemical peel saves winter skin

Winter weather is extra drying, sapping the moisturise and vibrancy from the top layer of your skin to leave it dry, dull, and a little greying. These dead and dying skin cells block the appearance and development of healthy and fresh cells, ultimately blocking your skin’s rosy glow. It’s recommended that exfoliation is increased during the winter to slough away these dead skin cells, but there is no better deep exfoliation than a chemical peel. Using controlled concentrations of acids, chemical peels create a controlled chemical exfoliation. They do this by damaging the top layer of already compromised skin cells, encouraging the skin to shed them. This process reveals a fresh and untouched layer of skin beneath that is youthful, dewy, and fresh. Chemical peels are a great way of combatting tired winter skin, because they stimulate fresh skin cell and collagen production to best keep your complexion clear of any dull dead skin. Here at Nuriss in London, we have a wide choice of chemical peels with varying ingredients so that we are able to treat even the most complex of skin conditions.


How your winter skincare routine should change

Winter and summer are the two most demanding seasons for skincare as they both represent opposing ends of the weather spectrum, so naturally your skin needs considerations paying to it. Weekly exfoliation is a must and richer moisturisers are encouraged to maintain healthy skin cells and a rosy complexion. Locking in the skin’s moisture with a richer cream immediately after showering or washing your face will prove beneficial to your skin during dark winter days. Gentler facial cleansers are also advised, because stronger or acidic daily cleansers may dry your skin out even more. Because exfoliation becomes such a key component in keeping your skin cells happy and healthy during the winter, many people opt for at least one chemical peel or even embark on a full course. With party season right around the corner, who wouldn’t want glowing skin?


Give your skin the added boost it needs this season with chemical peels in London with Nuriss. As part of an all-encompassing wellness clinic, our skin experts at our doctor-led clinic will provide aftercare, lifestyle, and dietary advice to best promote the ongoing health of your skin. Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 0203 971 9031 today.

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