zNuriss Essential Mineral Hydraspray


Instantly quench dry, thirsty skin any time and any place Nuriss’ Essential Minerals HydraSpray loaded with skin revitalising essential minerals. Whether your skin is naturally dry or affected by external factors such as pollution or climate, this hydrating spray replenishes moisture on contact. Designed to be portable, it gives your skin the pick-me-up it needs while fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.


Essential Minerals Hydraspray not only hydrates, it delivers a burst of invigorating essential minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy long term. So when you feel like your skin needs to wake up, give it a spray. You’ll look good and feel good.


  • Hydrates dull, dry skin
  • Works instantly
  • Provides essential minerals that are 
necessary for cell regeneration 
daily application 
Use as often as hydration is needed 
  • Perfect for flights and holidays