Rapid Repair Cream


Nuriss Rapid Repair ointment has been created to care and protect dry, inflamed and irritated skin.
This perfect skin pick-me-up is a must have for your summer holidays and can calm any dryness and redness on the skin, after sun exposure. It also works well on skin post laser or microneedling and is also great for acne or rosacea prone skin too.



Nuriss Rapid repair cream has been formulated with the skin soothing and recovery enhancing properties of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A helps promote a speedy recovery, thanks to its positive influence on collagen growth. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative stress, and maintains moisture levels to optimise the skin’s recovery & healing process.

This soft and soothing ointment is formulated in a gel-like texture. This provides a delicate application and comforting feel for immediate satisfaction.