Nuriss Neckcessity


As you age the skin starts to lose its elasticity. The skin’s natural elasticity is lost, resulting in loose, saggy skin and wrinkles. This is most noticeable around the lower jaw and neck.

To resist this gravitational decline, the elasticity of the skin needs to be maintained and revived. Nuriss’ Neckcessity is a skin tightening wonder that uses powerful peptide ingredients to specifically improve and maintain skin elasticity for a more youthful and tighter appearance.



Added to a moisturising Hyaluronic base, it works by improving both the bonding of skin layers and elastic resilience, while promoting healthy collagen growth to reduce wrinkled and loose skin.


  • Helps prevent the loss of skin elasticity
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural tightness
  • Promotes the proliferation of collagen cells
  • Reinforces connective tissue scaffolding in the dermo-epidermal junction
  • Moisturises and hydrates