Blemish Eraser


Powerful, Soothing, Blemish Treatment.
Suitable for all skin types, particularly Oily and Problematic skin.
Clogged skin pores result from a mixture of dirt, oils, dead cells, proteins and white blood cells that accumulate in the skin. This can stimulate an overgrowth of bacteria P. Acnes, which can lead to outbreaks of spots and blemishes.

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Nuriss Blemish Eraser contains three powerful ingredients to clear away spots and blemishes.
Sulfur is an abundant pure element and an essential component of all living cells. It plays an important role in reinforcing the covalent bonds between peptide chains in our skin, working to increase skin strength and elasticity. In its bio-molecular manner, it serves as a keratolyic agent, hardening and encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells, which would usually block pores.

Sulfur also affects the pH levels of the skin, effectively reducing certain acidic environments in which harmful bacteria thrive and cause inflammation. By contributing towards a more balanced acidic environment, the bacteria cannot thrive well and in turn swelling and inflammation is reduced.

Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid with an oil-soluble property. Salicylic Acid can dilute and reduce the amount of oils that build up in pores, reducing the swelling and irritation caused from excessive oil clogging.

Finally Zinc Oxide, a natural mineral, helps to reduce the skin surface oils, by drying up excess oil. Zinc Oxide assists in regulating the skin environment which helps reduce swelling, redness and irritation.

A quick nightly application of Nuriss Blemish Eraser can yield magnificent results whilst you sleep. You will wake up the next day with troublesome pimples either gone, or well on their way out.