Bingo-Wing Fade-Away Cream


A unique stimulating cream that helps to wave goodbye to bingo wings with its fat burning and skin toning properties

NURISS Bingo-Wing Fade-Away Cream uses key botanical ingredients that target the fat cells at a chemically molecular level. The wonder cream effectively stimulates the breakdown of the fat cells and helps to prevent fat deposits forming.

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Key Ingredients:

  • Featuring the extract from superfood hero of the moment, Quinoa, this fat reducing ingredient targets the fat cells in the hypodermis – the layer of fat just below the skin – reducing the fatty deposits in the upper arm region.

This clever extract stimulates the body into recycling the fat into energy, prompting the cells into burning stored fat, which reduces the clumping and volume of fat cells on the surface area.

  • To further aid the fat burning process, Guarana extract, which is rich in caffeine, encourages the breakdown of fat by stimulating adrenaline receptors to encourage the body’s natural fat burning response.
  • Bitter Orange Peel extract helps to prevent fat deposition due to its rich composition in Hespertine (this is an Anti-Aromatase agent). Aromatase is an enzyme that leads to increased fat deposits.

With key ingredients to stimulate circulation, promote the breakdown of fats and increase skin smoothness, you can dare to bare your arms with this ground-breaking arm ‘must-have’.