If you are suffering with Acne, break-outs or blocked pores, our Blemish Control range is perfect for you.

Designed by leading skin specialist Dr. A J Sturnham, we recommend using the following products for the best Acne control

Step 1:

Cleanse with Alpha Beta Cleanser

Step 2:

Rebalance with Co Q10 toner

Step 3:

Spot treat with Blemish Eraser

Follow with Hyaluronic Acid serum, to rehydrate

Step 4: Apply Pore balancing Moisturiser Resveratrol Peptide Cream (Day)

At night apply Retinol Micronutrient Cream


Once per week: Apply Blemish Defense to cleansed, dry skin. Wash away after 5 minutes, or when skin tingles. Apply Blemish Control Mask for 10 minutes, Wash away and apply your serum and moisturiser.




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