Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

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Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatmentsnuriss-acne-clear-laser

Ladies and Gentlemen hold onto your faces, in these modern times there have been many advances in aesthetic medicine and new non-invasive, non surgical procedures have laid the way for a new age of cosmetic treatments. The question on everyone’s minds is; ‘are non surgical skin-tightening treatments phasing out face-lifts and is there no longer a need for surgery?’ Well currently, not quite yet however, who knows what will happen in the not so distant future.

If you’re looking for a way to help tighten those problem areas on your face then there are a number of non surgical treatments available which might be right up your street. The ‘Nuriss Lunchtime Laser Lift’ is an innovative treatment that only takes 30 minutes. Dr Anita tells us a little bit about this unbelievable treatment, “The Nuriss Lunchtime Laser Lift uses short bursts of light energy, which penetrates the skins surface and creates microscopic holes under the skin, these microscopic holes stimulate a skin remodeling process, which promotes collagen regrowth as well as breaking up skin pigmentation”.

The Nuriss Lunchtime Laser Lift is perfect for all of those hard working women and men, who only get a short lunch break, as it takes no time at all, the procedure is virtually painless and there are very little side effects afteacner having it, which means that you can go straight back to work after.

Another non surgical skin-tightening treatment is ‘Ultherapy’ which uses ultrasound treatment to penetrate up to 5mm under the skin, to directly tackle the source of collagen for your skin, without the need for surgery. This non surgical procedure has been FDA (food and drug administration) approved and has been found to be extremely effective.

Ultrasound therapy has been used in the medical field since the 1800’s, however it has now been found that using sound waves, you can help to tighten and strengthen the skin around your face and décolletage.

Ultherapy is great for delaying the rapid progression of aging, however it will not help the lower part of the face, nevertheless when mixed with fillers and laser treatments, which can be performed after the Ultherapy, the overall results becomes extremely apparent.

The Nuriss Clinic offer a wide variety of treatments, one of which is the ‘Dermal Filler’. As we get older, we lose the collagen in our skin, which is the protein that keeps our skin looking firm, tight and in shape. As our levels of collagen deteriorate, our skin begins to sag and we end up feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with the way we look. Thankfully, the Nuriss team have an unbelievable treatment to get us looking and feeling in tip top shape. Dr Anita tells us a little about this amazing new treatment available at the Nuriss clinc; “Dermal fillers help to instantly lift and boost the skin as well as promoting new collagen formation. They are highly effective anti-ageing treatments, with instant results and virtually no downtime”.

There are so many available treatments out there that are non-invasive, non surgical treatments, which are perfect for a lunch time fix.

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