Innovations in Hair Removal: New Technology for an Old Hang-Up

 In Laser Hair Removal

For the multitude of all the wonderful women out there, there is also a multitude of opinion, advice, and testimony about the where, why, and how of hair removal.

From fuzz on our face to the tendrils on our toe knuckles, our genetics dispose us all to weird patches of hair. Whether it’s a rogue follicle that just shouldn’t be or jungle-grade foliage which refuses to recede, our hair can be stubborn and pesky. This classic conundrum leads us to today’s question: How do you groom?

The Great Debate

There are almost as many hair removal techniques as there are hairs to remove. From weaving to threading to plucking to waxing, womankind has explored it all. Once upon a time, you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing a Nad’s infomercial. If all the time and energy devoted to developing and advertising hair removal were spent on space travel, we’d all be living on Venus.

But what is the consensus now, after all this hair-free exploration? It’s hard to say. Given all previous factors mentioned as well as one’s tolerance for pain and how busy any given week is (let’s admit it), a sure-fire technique hasn’t been agreed upon… yet.

Hair Removal for the Ages

Nuriss is excited to welcome women into the modern world of sleek beauty and delight with its Fuzz-Free Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal treatment. It’s painless, results are immediate, and you can come in for your quick and easy treatment over your lunch break.

In our Soprano ICE Laser treatment, hair follicles are gradually heated to the point where they can’t grow any more hair. During this time, the surface of your skin stays cool and you stay comfortable.

After years of battling the fuzz, you may have your doubts about such miraculous technology. But then again, technology has taken us to places never possible before: Did your great-grandma ever imagine soaring above the clouds, drinking tomato juice in a cabin of an airborne, bus-like torpedo with wings?

Well women, we have finally arrived, and we have technology to thank for our new hairless capabilities. At Nuriss, we have the latest treatments to ensure the most effective and pain-free methods. Come in for a consultation, and you’ll be on your way sans hair, sans pain, and with tons of free time.

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