How to Achieve Smooth Armpits

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How to Achieve Smooth Armpits

Smooth and silky


Underarm hair is officially the worst. It tends to surprise you when you’re in a Zumba class and wave your hands above your head, then bring your arms down so fast you nearly knock yourself out. There are a number of ways to fix this ever present issue that effects women on a daily basis.



Issue: Permanent Shadow

Have you ever noticed that after shaving, you can still see the stubble under your arms? It can sometimes even look like you haven’t shaved at all. This can be extremely awkward when you put on a t-shirt and then find out during the day (whilst pointing upwards) that you have dark patches. Sometimes, it is caused by the fluff from your jumper or even hormonal or bacterial reasons, but more often than not, it is caused by the little tiny hairs which are below the surface of the skin.


How can you fix it?

Using Armpit pic 3hair removal creams can certainly help remove the darkness as the lotion tends to sink into the skin and into the hair follicles themselves. However, the armpit skin can be extremely sensitive and thin, so you MUST test out hair removal creams on your leg, before slapping it on your armpits. Using hair removal products solely for sensitive skin, could help avoid burning and irritation in the armpits, however do test them first.



Issue: Ingrowing Hairs

These little suckers can be extremely irritating to the skin as well as to look at. They can make the armpit look spotty and swollen, which is never a good look. The definition of an ingrowing hair is a hair that been previously shaved and grows back underneath the skin instead of through the follicle and out of the skin. An ingrowing hair can often be mistaken for a pimple.



How can you fix it?

Exfobody scrubliation is essential in the attempt to avoid ingrowing hairs. Exfoliating your armpits 2-3 times a week is a great way to stimulate the hair follicles and helps the hair to grow up and out of the skin. Another way to avoid ingrowing hairs, is by shaving away from the hair follicle. Be careful when exfoliating as sometimes it can make the armpits red and inflamed, so make sure you are always gentle when doing anything with the sensitive skin under the arms.



Issue: Fast Grow Backhairy armpit

Have you ever noticed that you shave your armpits in the morning before going off to work, and by lunch time, you have noticed sprouting and a stubble has come back? Well this is extremely common and there are many ways to help avoid this.


How can you fix it?

Waxing armpit

Well, one way to tackle this issue is by waxing, instead of shaving. When you wax your underarm hair, you are removing the hairs directly from the follicle. This means that you are removing the hair and the little bit that remains just below the level of the skin. Another way to slow down the hair growth is by using ‘hair inhibiting’ wipes. Mild hair inhibiting wipes, not only tackle odour, but also contain natural ingredients like ‘Chaparral extract’ which slows the hair growth and helps to leave your skin soft and moisturised between shaves.


Issue: Nothing Seems to Work

By this point, you have done everything possible to achieve the best looking armpits possible and nothing seems to work. You have shaved and waxed and still your armpits are not looking as good as they could be.


How can you fix it?

Not to worry, we have the answer; Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatment is a new and innovative hair removal treatment.

“The Soprano ICE is the only FDA approved laser on the market that can be used on ALL skin types and even tanned skin.” Says our Dr Anita.

Laser hair removal tackles the pigment of the hair, meaning that it is most effective on darker hair. Laser hair removal is one of the slightly more expensive hair removal treatments on the market, however it requires fewer sessions and is guaranteed to help you achieve perfect arm pits.

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