Honed Honeymoon Package

Designed to make the bride look and feel great on her honeymoon


Whilst you are busy rushing around and preparing for your wedding don’t forget now is also the time to get pampering and to get your body honed for your special honeymoon.

The thought of jetting off to your honeymoon paradise may sound like heaven, but after the busy lead up to your big day you may not be feeling entirely confident about baring all in a bikini.

Fear not though, Nuriss is here with a “Honed Honeymoon” beauty programme that will make you feel radiant and beautiful in your own skin.



Honed Honeymoon Treatment Menu

Quick fix complexion perfection Menu

We advise against laser, microneedling therapies or mid/deep peels close to your honeymoon. However, if you are able to start your honed honeymoon package several months in advance, these treatments may also be suitable for you. Your skin consultant will talk you through your options.

We offer non surgical solutions to getting your body honeymoon ready.

Our Body Perfecting Treatments can successfully remove fat, target cellulite and tighten skin.


Body perfecting menu:


How to get your treatment

Dr Anita and her team of Skin experts can devise the perfect beauty package designed to bring out the very best in you.

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