Why do anti-wrinkle injections costs vary?


Anti-wrinkle injections is supplied as a crystalline substance, which is then reconstituted with saline. Medical practitioners add varying amounts of liquid when reconstituting it. When practitioners add a greater ratio of saline to anti-wrinkle injections, patients can be lead to believe they are getting more anti-wrinkle injections when, in reality, they are getting the same or less. Since it is the total dose of anti-wrinkle injections, not the volume of saline, that leads to the desired effect, it is important to remember that if a clinic promises to provide anti-wrinkle injections at a dollar amount per unit, it is quite possible that they are diluting the treatment and not providing the agreed-upon amount of anti-wrinkle injections. At Nuriss our anti-wrinkle injections prices are based on the overall treatment required, not the volume of liquid used. This allows patients get the best value for their money.

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