What is a fungal nail infection?


The human body normally contains a certain amount of fungus along with bacteria. When the fungi start to overgrow, that’s when fungal nail infections (medical name: Onychomycosis) can develop. There are many tell-tale signs to look out for with fungal nail infections. Some common signs are:

  • The affected nail becoming thickened, inflamed, painful and brittle.
  • Pieces of nail breaking off as the infection worsens.
  • The nail turning black, yellow, white or green.

If left untreated, walking may become difficult because of the infected nail rubbing off your footwear. As the infection worsens you may notice the area around the nail becoming inflamed and painful, with white and yellow patches or scaly skin appearing next to the nail.

Fungal nail infections are more common than you might think, with one in 10 people in the UK being affected by them. Men tend to suffer from fungal nail infections more than women, and it is more likely to happen as your grow older. If you think you may be suffering from a fungal nail infection, speak with one of our skincare experts for a recommended series of treatments to address your particular nail fungus needs.

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