What happens when I have a dermal filler treatment?

Your doctor or nurse will talk you through the procedure beforehand to ensure you are completely at ease. A local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure optimum comfort throughout the entire procedure, which generally takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Dermal fillers are carefully injected directly into each treatment area using a fine needle syringe, to achieve lasting results.

Results from our dermal filler treatments are instant and natural-looking. While many clinics provide overdone results, we understand the importance of enhancing our patients’ natural look. Your skin will immediately appear smoother, younger, and rejuvenated. Straight after your treatment, you may see slight redness and bruising around the treated area, but this will be minimal and will subside quickly. Your consultant will inform you of any necessary aftercare treatments, and will also provide you with an aftercare leaflet.

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