What causes acne scars?


Acne is an often long lasting skin condition that can affect the skin in a number of ways. It is characterised by the appearance of greasy skin, blackheads, whiteheads, deep and inflamed pustules, cysts, and pimples. The exact cause of acne is still not entirely understood, but it has been linked to hormonal changes during patients’ teenage years, as well as factors such as diet, general lifestyle and genetics. Some people are more prone to acne than others, and many will experience acne well into their adult years. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to acne scarring than others as well.

Scars occur on the skin when it has been damaged at a deeper dermal level. Superficial wounds on the surface of the skin will generally heal easily, without leaving a scar behind. Acne scarring frequently occurs when an inflamed pustule or cyst causes a skin pore to swell and rupture deep in the follicle wall. Some care can be taken to try and prevent scars from occurring, such as avoiding squeezing or picking at acne to prevent forcing the infection deeper into the skin. However, even when the greatest care is taken with the skin, acne scars can still develop.

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