Q. Are there any side effects?


A. The treatment is pain free, however in some cases, usually after the initial treatment before the skin has adjusted to alkaline, you may experience some redness or dryness. You may even have some superficial scabs, although this is when the hair is very coarse and the alkaline wash solution may need to be left on the skin for longer. As long as you do not scratch or pick the scabs, they should heal given normal conditions. As with any product applied topically, there may be small percentages of people in the population that may experience an adverse reaction.

You may experience the following:

• Redness and a slight sandpaper effect on the skin

• Peeling proceeded by a crusty hardness to the skin’s surface

• Irritation around the eyes and the mouth area and sometimes on the chin

• An outbreak of pimples

• A slight burning sensation or “sunburn” sensation in the early stages of the treatment

• An irritated, open lesion that may weep and then scab and heal normally (requires antibiotic gel or other treatment as prescribed by a physician or as recommended by the technician).

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