Q. Do i need a mole check if i only have a few moles, as surely people with more moles are the ones who get skin cancer?


A. In an ideal world we should all have a full body mole check every single year, even if we don’t consider ourselves to have many moles. It is true that the more moles you have then the higher the risk of melanoma, particularly if thou have over 50 moles. However, it only takes one mole to become cancerous and melanoma can kill, so regardless everyone really needs their moles checked. This is the best way of picking up moles that may be more at risk of becoming cancerous (pre-cancer).We can then monitor them or arrange for them to be removed and tested with histology testing. It is also a good way of checking moles that you have noticed a change in, such as a change in size, shape and colour. This molecheck could be lifesaving as the earlier we detect melanoma the greater chance of treatment and survival. Melanoma is the 4th most common cancer in the uk and worryingly is on the rise.

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