Q. Should I ask my GP to check my moles and freckles?


A. In an ideal world we should all have a full body mole check every single year. This is the best way of picking up moles that may be more at risk of becoming cancerous (pre-cancer).We can then monitor them or arrange from them to be removed and tested with histology testing. It is also a way to check moles you are worried about and can be lifesaving as the earlier we detect melanoma the greater chance of treatment and survival. Melanoma is the 4th most common cancer in the uk and worryingly is on the rise.

Your  NHS GP will be able to check one or two moles but they will not have time, the equipment or expertise to do a full body check. Frustratingly NHS Gps can not offer referrals to skin clinics for full body mole checks either, so this leaves people forced to finding alternative clinics to have this assessment done.

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