How will I know if I need Fungal Nail Infection Treatment?


A fungal nail infection can have many signs and symptoms. Some common symptoms include the nail becoming hardened, discoloured, brittle and inflamed. Pieces of nail may begin to break off from your finger or toe. As the infection progresses, walking can become painful, with the area around the nail becoming scaly. To find out if you need a Nail Fungus Treatment, contact Nuriss and speak with one of our expert skincare consultants to find out how to treat fungal nail infections. During a pre-treatment consultation, your therapist will take a look at your medical history and examine the affected area. They may need to carry out some nail tests before treating you, and may even send away some nail clippings for testing. For optimal results, the most suitable course of Laser Fungal Nail Treatments will be recommended to you, based on your infection.

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