How do Nuriss Nail Infection Treatments work?


Nuriss Fungal Nail Treatment combines two lasers to target fungus at the source, below the nail plate, eliminating the infection while encouraging nails to heal simultaneously. This also helps in preventing future fungal recurrence. The first laser used is the Harmony clear lift IQ Switched Laser, followed by the Nd YAG laser. Harmony clear lift IQ Switched laser works by cracking the fungus spore’s outer shell, while the Nd Yag laser completely eradicates the fungus capsule. When the laser therapy has been completed, the consultant will apply light to the affected area. If you are having fungal toenail treatment, this will take about 10 to 20 minutes per foot. This makes the area around the nail feel slightly warm. Protective eyeglasses will be worn by you and your skin expert. Although it may sound intensive, Nuriss advanced fungal laser technology is quick, virtually painless and has no side effects, so you can expect only the most comfortable experience at our luxurious London clinic.

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