Are dermaroller treatments different on the face and body?


Whether you’re being treated for skin problems on the face or on the body, the dermaroller process is largely the same. The only difference is the size of the needles. The dermaroller used for body treatments has slightly bigger needles than the microneedles used on the face. This allows for thicker skin to be penetrated, ensuring stimulation occurs below the skin’s surface in the dermis. In both cases, your skin consultant will talk you through the procedure beforehand, and apply a topical numbing cream to the skin for optimal comfort. Once the skin is numb, which can take up to an hour, your consultant will roll the microneedle roller over the skin, causing microscopic injuries on the surface. This in turn causes the skin to repair and rejuvenate on a deeper dermal level, producing more collagen and causing new skin cells to form, eventually leaving the skin on both the body and face visibly nourished, fresh and youthful.

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