Essential Skin Care Tips for Rosacea

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Rosacea can be extremely debilitating and can not only affect your skin, it can also affect your day to day life. Some rosacea sufferers find that certain cosmetics and skin care products can cause a flare up and irritation. Even though it is difficult to think about while your face is sore and red, however having an effective skin care routine is essential in protecting your skin, preventing rosacea and reducing the effects of this uncomfortable skin condition. Combining a good skin care routine with either a treatment plan or your doctor’s recommendations can help reduce the chances of your rosacea from flaring up.

Top Tips:

Always Choose Fragrance-Free Products

The chemicals used in certain fragrances can irritate your skin and can lead to a flare up of your rosacea. When choosing your moisturisers, makeup and body wash ensure that you keep an eye out for anything that is not natural.

Avoid Rosacea Irritants

Some skin care products can cause irritation to even the strongest of skin, so looking out for harsh chemicals. There are a number of ingredients that can cause your rosacea to flare up and the general consensus is that products containing salicylic acid, alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate can cause your skin to flare up, so seeking out the ingredients that affect you, can help you stay away from those particular products. Even natural ingredients such as peppermint and clove oil, which one would think would be good for skin that is troubled, can actually exacerbate the condition so make sure you keep away from any products that cause the skin to tingle and feel cold.

Always Be Gentle

It is essential for rosacea suffers to treat their skin like a temple and stay away from harsh scrubs. Instead of scrubbing your skin, use the tips of your fingers when washing your face and use warm water.

Less Is Always More

If you use a large amount of product on your face, then you are more likely to irritate your face. Ensure that you use minimal product, that you reduce the amount of products that you use daily and also check every ingredient to ensure that you remain rosacea free.

Always Apply Medication First

If you have been prescribed medication to reduce your rosacea then applying it before your daily skin care routine is essential if you would like it to penetrate your skin easily.

Try Skin Care Products Before You Buy Them

Before buying a new skin care product, ensure that you do a ‘skin patch’ test on a small area of skin on your neck. By completing this test, you are seeing if you get a flare up. If a flare up occurs you know to stay away from that particular product.

Always Apply Sun Creamnuriss-sensative-sunscreen-spf29-4oz

The sun is one of the main causes of rosacea so protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential for any rosacea sufferer. Using a factor 30 or above is a good place to start, when trying to prevent a flare up. There are some sun protection lotions which contain alcohol and fragrances, these also need to be avoided. Using a natural sun protection can really help your skin remain rosacea free. The ‘Nuriss Sensitive Sunscreen Spray’ is the perfect natural sun protection which can avoid flare-ups.

Choose Your Makeup Very Carefully

Some makeup products out there can trigger rosacea as well as leave a thick residue on your skin that requires a lot of makeup remover to clean it off. Makeup remover can also irritate your skin, so be aware when buying your makeup products.

When suffering with rosacea it is vital to become aware of all the ingredients in your skin care regime that could be harmful and trigger a flare up. Keeping a diary can be a great way to see what you need to stay away from. It can be difficult, however once you know what causes your rosacea, you may not ever have to worry about rosacea ever again.

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