Dark Spots 101: Aging with Beauty

 In Skin Care

The way we think about aging is changing. The older we get, the more important it is to stay active, be fit, and look and feel healthy. When it comes to maintaining the health of our skin and aging with beauty, a lot can be done, and not just on wrinkles.

Dark Spots Explained

As our skin ages, it is common for more and more brown spots to appear. These spots can develop on a variety of skin complexions and are flat, tan, or brown. They often occur on areas that are exposed to the sun, like your face, shoulders, and hands. Although these age spots are harmless, if you have any doubts about changing pigment, size, or tenderness, consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of melanoma.

Benign age spots are common and occur because after years of exposure to UV rays, our skin can sometimes produce too much melanin in certain areas. This high concentration of melanin is what discolors the skin.

Out, Damned Spot

To even out the coloring of these spots, topical treatments can usually do the trick. Ingredients like peptides decrease melanin production while niacin amide, licorice extract, and red and brown algae can equalize the discoloration.

Once you have found a serum with these helpful ingredients, apply twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. If you are interested in treating just a few marks, spot treat these areas.

Some spots exist only in shallow levels of the epidermis while others are deeper and harder to treat. The process of lightening these patches can take some time, but with diligence, patience, and a good treatment, visible lightning should occur after a few months.

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