Visia Skin Analysis

Detects skin changes that aren’t visible to the human eye

At Nuriss we use Visia skin analysis – an advanced multi-spectral imaging system to assess all aspects of your skin health, detecting changes in your skin that are not visible to the human eye.

This analysis helps us to look closely at your skin, to work out where your problem areas lie and to establish the best skin treatment options for you.

Our imaging system is able to detect skin damage and signs of ageing not just on the top layers but also in the deeper skin layers, helping us to really understand your skin health in depth. It also enables us to monitor the progress of treatments undertaken, by repeating the same uniform analysis throughout your Nuriss programme.

Visia evaluates the following criteria:

  • Wrinkles
  • UV Damage
  • Redness
  • Pores
  • Evenness (skin tone and variation)
  • Spots porphyrin load (detection of bacteria in your pores)


Visia Analysis results – What to expect

Visia will compare your skin to that of others of the same age and ethnicity as yourself and provide a summary of the assessment, which can be used to devise your Nuriss treatment plan.

Your own personal report will include details of your skin analysis, recommendations for treatment and skincare options. Visia can also use age simulation to show you how your skin will look in 5-7 years, if left in its current condition.

Our Nuriss experts will use this as a guide to devise a tailor-made rejeuvantion programme, to meet your every need. This may include treatments such as facials, laser rejuvenation, micro-needling, skin peels, skin tightening and so on.

For optimal results it is important that your daily skin routines continue to care and protect your skin, even down to basics such as your cleansing and moisturising routine. In between your treatments, we can provide a take-home version of our Nuriss clinic treatments in a mini-skincare kit. This enables you to continue to nourish, treat and protect your skin, to enable your clinic treatments to reach their optimum results.

All treatments at Nuriss are Dermatologically approved and our skincare products  have been formulated with the most advanced skin care technology. We aim to protect, treat, nourish and hydrate with safe, gentle and Doctor-designed treatments.

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