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Laser Tattoo Removal London

A safe, effective and non-surgical form of laser tattoo removal in the heart of London – PRICES START FROM £100

Tattoos have increasingly become more and more popular over the past decade. However, it can be a decision that people sometimes regret later on. At Nuriss, we offer a safe, non-surgical method of removing unwanted tattoos in the comfort of our central London clinic, using the latest Advanced Laser Tattoo Fading Technology. Laser tattoo removal is a safe, non-surgical procedure which is made more comfortable with the application of a topical numbing cream prior to each treatment.

  • Nuriss Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is a safe and painless way of permanently removing tattoos.
  • This method is effective on even the darkest of tattoo pigments, including black, blue and green.
  • Our fully trained, expert skin therapists use cutting-edge laser technology to achieve optimal results.
  • Laser tattoo removal is safe and leaves no unsightly scarring or permanent side effects.
  • Patients can expect dramatic results after their first session and complete removal after their recommended course.

How laser tattoo removal works

At Nuriss, we use the advanced Nd Yag laser system, which is the market leader in laser tattoo removal technology. This system injects light pulses into the tattoo, breaking down the ink pigments in the skin into much smaller particles. This allows the body’s immune system to remove the ink particles, gradually fading the tattoo. Several sessions may be required for complete tattoo removal. Your expert skin therapist will advise on the best course of treatments to suit your needs during an initial in-depth consultation. Treatments take between 15 and 45 minutes and are non-invasive, meaning you can go about your day as normal following each session.

Our Advanced Laser Tattoo Fading Technology works to remove tattoos just about anywhere on the body, and can treat even the darkest tattoo colours, including black, blue and green.


Laser tattoo removal treatment prices

At Nuriss, we offer the best service in laser tattoo removal at affordable prices so you don’t have to live with the regret of an unwanted tattoo. Laser tattoo removal prices vary depending on the tattoo and the number of sessions required. This will be discussed with our expert skin therapist during your pre-treatment consultation, but prices start from xxxxxx. Call our Wimpole Street clinic for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser tattoo removal suitable for men and women?

Tattoo laser removal treatments can be performed on both men and women. It is a safe, effective and suitable treatment for all patients.

Does laser tattoo removal work on all skin types?

Laser tattoo removal is safe, effective and suitable for all skin types. However, some patients with dark skin may see a temporary loss of skin pigmentation in the treated area, meaning the skin there may appear lighter. This is normal during treatment and the lost pigmentation should return within 6 to 12 months.

How long do I have to wait between laser tattoo removal treatments?

Depending on the condition and size of the tattoo, your expert tattoo removal therapist will advise on how long is needed to wait between sessions. Normally, the treatments are spaced a month apart to allow the body’s immune system to remove the broken down tattoo pigments. All this will be discussed and confirmed during your pre-treatment consultation at our London clinic.

Is any down-time required after my laser tattoo removal treatment?

There is absolutely no down-time required after laser tattoo removal treatments. It is a safe, non-surgical procedure which is painless and therefore requires no medication or anaesthesia. You may continue with your day’s activities as normal without needing any recovery time after your treatment session.

Will I need any post-treatment care after my laser tattoo removal sessions?

Your expert skin therapist will recommend the best laser tattoo removal aftercare for your needs. This will usually be in the form of a topical skincare cream to safeguard the skin and encourage healing following each session. You may also be advised to keep the area clean and protect it from the sun by using a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) cream. All of this will be explained clearly before you leave the clinic after each treatment session.

Will there be any scarring after my treatment?

Our advanced laser tattoo removal treatments do not cause any scarring of any sort. In some cases, there may be slight changes in the texture of the skin in the treated area but there should be no visible scarring or serious skin damage after treatment. Your consultant will discuss this with you in-depth during your first appointment to allay any fears before treatments begin.

Will there be any side effects after my tattoo removal treatment?

Patients may see some redness or swelling around the area after treatment but it is not serious and will fade within a few days. Blistering may also be seen but this is completely normal. It is not unlike mild sunburn. Slight discomfort may be experienced but your expert tattoo removal skin therapist will recommend a suitable course of skincare products to use at home to encourage healing and protect the skin.

Does this treatment hurt?

There is no need to worry about pain during laser tattoo removal. This treatment is one of the least painful forms of tattoo removal treatment available, and most patients say the procedure is relatively comfortable. You will experience a sensation similar to that of a rubber band being snapped repeatedly against the skin. The sensation can feel slightly uncomfortable but not painful. If needed, a topical numbing cream may be applied to minimise any discomfort.

How long does each tattoo removal session take?

Laser tattoo removal treatment sessions are not lengthy. However, the time taken can often depend on the size of the tattoo. Generally, tattoo removal treatment time can be anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes per session.

How do I prepare for laser tattoo removal treatment?

There is no real preparation required for laser tattoo removal other than to ensure that the area being treated is clean and free of make-up. If anything else is required, your therapist will advise you during your initial consultation.

How much is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal prices are charged on a ‘per session’ basis. As multiple sessions are usually required, it is a good idea to pre-pay for a number of treatment sessions. Your expert tattoo removal skin therapist will tell you how many you need during your consultation. Nuriss offers some of the most competitive laser tattoo removal costs in London, while still offering the most advanced treatments performed by leading laser therapists.

How many treatment sessions will I need for full removal?

The number of sessions needed for complete tattoo removal will depend on the size and complexity of the tattoo. The number of different coloured inks and the more complex the design, the more treatment sessions will be required. Your expert laser therapist will advise you on how many sessions you will need during your pre-treatment consultation.

Will I see results straight away after the first treatment session?

Patients can expect to see visible results immediately following their first treatment session. During the following weeks, the broken down ink particles will be carried away by your body’s immune system, and you will begin to see fading of the tattoo. After multiple treatment sessions, the tattoo will fade and disappear completely.

Does laser tattoo removal work on all kinds of tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal will work on all tattoos, however, results will depend on the extent and complexity of the tattoo, meaning multiple sessions may be required. This is because different coloured pigments only respond to different laser frequencies along the spectrum, so not all particles can be broken down in a single session. Your expert laser tattoo removal London therapist will assess the condition of your tattoo during your initial consultation and will advise you on how many sessions you will need.

Who will carry out my tattoo removal treatment?

Your treatment will be carried out by one of our highly skilled professional laser therapists in the comfort of our luxurious and private central London clinic. You will begin by having an initial consultation with your expert therapist, who will advise you on the best course of treatments available to you. They will perform all of your sessions to ensure optimal comfort and safety.

What laser tattoo removal machine do you use for treatment?

At Nuriss we use only the best in cutting-edge technology in the form of the Nd Yag laser system. This is the gold standard in laser tattoo removal equipment and will remove both amateur and professional tattoos safely and effectively, leaving no scars or after effects.

Is laser tattoo removal treatment safe?

Laser tattoo removal is a proven, safe and effective method of removing permanent tattoos. There is no documented evidence to suggest that it contributes to any skin conditions or other illnesses in any way. Laser tattoo removal treatment is safer and less painful than other tattoo removal treatment options, such as dermabrasion, excision, creams or ‘home’ remedies, which may cause scarring or skin damage. It is always best to seek professional treatment for successful tattoo removal as this is safest and most effective option.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

When a tattoo is created, ink particles are injected into the skin using a high-speed needle. These ink particles are too big for the body’s immune system to remove so the tattoo design is made permanent. Nuriss advanced laser tattoo removal machine works by injecting laser light energy pulses into the tattooed area. These light pulses break down the tattoo pigments in the skin, which then allows the body’s immune system to produce cells, called macrophages, which remove the ink particles from the area. After each laser tattoo removal session, the tattoo will gradually fade, until it is completely gone.

Does laser tattoo removal work?

Yes. At Nuriss, we use the latest, most advanced laser technology to fade and remove unwanted tattoos, achieving the best possible results currently available. Results vary depending on your skin type and the type of tattoo, but this will be discussed during your initial consultation. You can call our clinic in London for more information.


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