Bottom Toning In London

We offer a range of treatments designed to lift, tighten and tone the bottom region. Our bottom toning programmes integrate three FDA approved bottom toning devices, Exilis Elite, EMSculpt and Unison for the ultimate results and longterm aesthetic improvements, without the need for invasive surgery.

Using leading Body Contouring Technology, Nuriss Exilis combines the science of two well used techniques in Aesthetic medical skin care, Radiofrequency (RF) and Ultrasound (US) Technology. The unique thing about this treatment is that both techniques are able to work together in just one device. The end result, a fabulous treatment that is leading the way in skin care around the world and one that has proved to be well loved by our patients at Nuriss.

EMsculpt uses Magentic resonance energy to build lean muscle and reduce fat mass. It can be used safely to body contour, banishing those flabby bottom areas without needing surgery. These treatments  can also help to reduce fat in other problem areas such as the neck, love handles, abdomen, saddle bags and inner thighs.

The radiofrequency works by targeting the deep skin layers where it heats the fat cells to a therapeutic temperature of 43 degrees. This heat melts the fat cells away, leading to a reduction of fatty deposits and precise contouring. This revolutionary system has a unique cooling facility that allows for comfortable yet effective treatments with long lasting results..

We often have patients who despite healthy eating and regular exercise still have stubborn areas of fat they just can’t shift. This unique body protocol  is great for treating these stubborn fatty areas.


Your Consultation – What to expect

At your initial consultation your consultant will take a full medical history and examine the areas that you are worried about. Your skin consultant will provide detailed information about the treatment programmes available and will be able to recommend a course of treatments and products that meet your individual requirements.


Your Treatment – What to expect

During the treatment patients, depending on the treatment used, the patient lies flat and the areas to be treated are carefully marked and photographed. The appropriate device is positioned over the treatment areas and heats the skin to a therapeutic temperature of 43 degrees, targeting the underlying fatty tissue.

Treatment time varies according to the area being treated but typically takes 30-45 minutes.

You can carry on your day as normal after your treatment but there may be some slight redness and swelling in the areas treated, that tend to settle within a day or so.

The results are not as dramatic as surgical liposuction and this treatment may not be suitable for those with larger areas of excessive fat. We work closely with a leading Plastic Surgeon and can refer you for a consultation if required.

Your Results – What to expect

Amazingly a course of treatments can significantly reduce flabby bottom areas.

Although results will often be visible within the first 1-2 treatments, a course of 6 weekly treatments is recommended for optimum results.

Patients will be photographed and measured at each session, to allow us to monitor your response to treatment.

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