Body Treatments by Nuriss

The abdomen, thighs, bottom and arms are well known problem areas for men and women and a part of the body where people often find it difficult to shift stubborn fat and to tighten loose skin.

To address many of our patient’s concerns, we have designed a unique body programme, that utilises the fat melting, skin tightening and muscle toning benefits of five FDA approved technologies. The Body by Nuriss Protocol.

Our experts will assess your body goals and concerns and design a bespoke programme unique to you, We are the only clinic in the UK to offer this programme.

Treatments we offer:

Exilis Elite – Uses Radiofrequency (RF) waves and Ultrasound (USS) to melt away the fat cells and reduce fatty deposits in these stubborn areas. This also has a collagen boosting handpiece for liftng, scultping and skin tightening.

Magneto EMSCULPT- this is a new treatment at Nuriss that uses magnetic resonance energy to stimulate the motor muscle fibres to contract up to 12000 times per minute. The end result, lean muscle is boosted, replacing fatty tissue, metabolic rate is improved and muscle efficiency when training is elevated.

Vanquish – This exciting treatment is hugely popular with Celebrities. Vanquish body re-shaping and non-surgical body contouring not only removes stubborn fat but simultaneously tightens loose skin and firms the body at the same time.

This treatment is recommended for patients with loose skin and stubborn fatty areas around the tummy. It can be used on the abdomen and love handles and also works as a good treatment pre and post for tummy tucks and body lifts.

Unison- This pioneering technology is a ground breaker when it comes to treating cellulite. It uses Radiofrequency and Acoustic wave energy to break down cellulite, eliminate toxins and boost skin smoothness


Your consultation – what to expect

At your initial consultation, your consultant will take a full medical history and examine the areas that you are worried about. Your skin consultant will provide detailed information about the treatment programmes available and will be able to recommend a course of treatments and products that meet your individual requirements.


Your treatment – what to expect

During the treatment your practitioner will review your medical history and run through your aftercare. The treatment area will be measured and photographed at points during your programme. You can carry on your day as normal after your treatment but there may be some slight redness and swelling in the areas treated. This normally settles within 24 hours.

The results are not as dramatic as surgical liposuction and this treatment and may not be suitable for those with larger areas of excessive fat. We work closely with a leading Plastic Surgeon and can refer you for a consultation if required.


Your results – what to expect

Although results will often be visible within the first 1-2 treatments, a course of 6 – 10 treatments as a minimum for optimum results.

Patients will be photographed and measured at each session, to allow us to monitor your response to treatment.