Top 7 Beauty Hacks To Keep You Looking Fresh This Festive Season

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Christmas and New Year are all about glamorous parties, glitzy events and lots of colour and sparkles. But if you’re guilty of using your same trusted makeup routines for every occasion, then you need these quick, easy makeup hacks from the skincare and beauty experts at Nuriss to keep you looking fresh this festive season!

1. Don’t spend forever contouring. Use the quick and easy ‘3’ trick!

  1. Apply your foundation and setting powder all over your face and highlight under your eyes with a lighter concealer.
  2. Use a blush brush and matte bronzer or compact powder a couple of shades darker than your foundation to draw a big ‘3’ shape around your face. Start it in the middle of your forehead, with the middle of the ‘3’ underneath your cheek bone and the bottom underneath your jaw.
  3. Blend upwards on the cheeks and down your neck from your jaw.
  4. Do the same on the other side of your face.


2. The quickest and simplest way to achieve plump lips at the last minute as you rush out the door is with some concealer and lip liner.

  1. Apply a liquid concealer, a couple of shades lighter than your foundation, all over your lips and just above your top lip.
  2. Outline your lips with a liner, darker than your lipstick, and draw a ‘X’ in the middle of your top lip and a line up the middle of your bottom lip.
  3. Apply your lipstick with a brush.
  4. Apply a coat of gloss.

How to plump up thin lips

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3. Want a bold colour on your lips and want it to actually stay all night? Use a powder…

  1. Apply your lipstick.
  2. Pat with a tissue.
  3. Apply a second coat.
  4. Hold a tissue over your lips.
  5. Use a brush to pat some translucent powder over your lips.


4. The festive season is the perfect time to sport bold colours and glitter on your eyelids, and it couldn’t be easier…

  1. Simply apply white eyeliner or cream eyeshadow all over your eyelid and colour it in.
  2. Pat on your powdered eyeshadow and you’ll see how much bolder the colour looks.
  3. Add a layer of powdered glitter over the top for added sparkle.


5. Change it up with the ultimate sexy eye contour using an old credit card!

  1. Cover your eyelid and skin up to the bottom of your brow with a matte eyeshadow (a couple shades lighter than your foundation).
  2. Cover your eyelid with a matte gold or silver, a shade or two darker than the last coat.
  3. Draw a ‘V’ shape from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner of your eye and around the crease with a brown or grey eyeshadow and smudge it.
  4. Apply your eyeliner around the top and bottom of your eye. (Tip: Smudge the bottom with your finger to avoid overdoing it).
  5. Place a credit card or old driver’s licence on an angle next to your eye and draw your liner alongside it.

credit card eyeliner

6. Try this quick, easy trick to intensify your lashes…

  1. Apply your mascara to your upper lashes as usual – from underneath, but also brush over the tops of them, and then underneath again and you should see instant added volume.
  2. For the lower lashes, just cover the tops to make your upper lashes the feature.
  3. For even thicker and more intense upper lashes, apply a coat of mascara as above, then pat on some baby powder and apply a second coat of mascara over the top.


7. And lastly, add some more glitz and glamour to your look over Christmas and New Year with some standout nail colour!

You could just buy some seasonal nail polish, but why not create your own unique one? You’ll need some old shimmery eye shadow that has perhaps been crushed from too many nights being thrown around in your makeup bag. But who doesn’t have plenty of those?

  1. Simply add the crushed powder into a clear nail polish bottle and mix it up.
  2. Either apply it on its own or as a top coat over another colour, and, voila! Your own unique signature nail colour for the season.


The main thing to remember this festive season is to keep your skin as healthy and fresh as possible, and to remove your makeup before bed every night… even the late nights after your parties! Follow our ultimate evening skincare guide to make sure you wake up every morning with glowing skin, ready for the next bash!

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