Are Your Makeup Habits Making You Look Old?

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Are Your Makeup Habits Making You Look Old?

When we were younger, makeup was great for making us look and feel older, however what happens when you are older and your makeup makes you look older still? If you’re not careful, your regular makeup products and techniques could be piling on the years. So, we have selected a few makeup no-no’s and tricks to help you on your way to looking and feeling younger;

Using Too Much Foundation

Caking on your foundation is certainly not the way to go when trying to look younger, it is almost like you are trying to hide your natural and beautiful skin. For a more youthful look, begin by using a primer. Primers are great for ensuring that the foundation that you use on your skin, sticks to your skin. After using a primer, use a lightweight foundation to even out your skin tone and to create a base on your skin. Once you have used a thin layer of foundation, use powder – only where necessary, this can be your Tzone, and your cheek area. Using a primer, thin layer of foundation, and a dusting of powder can provide a natural look, perfect for making your skin look fresh and younger.

Matte Makeup

When we were younger, having glowing skin and glossy lips were all the rage, however when we grow older this look suddenly doesn’t seem suitable. Using glossy makeup in moderation is the key to youthful looking skin. Avoid lip gloss at all costs as it will make your makeup look thick and sticky. Using a light sparkle on your eyes is a way of adding a youthful, but light appearance. In addition, try to stir clear of shiny foundations and concealers. These can not only make your skin look greasy, but can also enhance your small lines which appear on your face as you get older.

Tweezing Your Eyebrows Too Thin

If you are tweezing your eyebrows too thin, then you are definitely stuck in the 90’s. As a child, the second I saw a stray hair, I would attack with my tweezers. If you have eyebrows that are too thin, then you are certainly dating yourself. Take advice from the numerous supermodels out there who believe that the bigger eyebrows, the better. Models such as Cara Delevigne and Jennifer Connelly, pride themselves on their youthful eyebrows.  Thick eyebrows also make your face look more natural, so remember this when you have your tweezers in your hand.

Pencilling Your Eyebrows Too Thick

Unfortunately, like myself, some women are not professionals when it comes to pencilling their eyebrows. Some tend to pencil them in, way too thick and this can leave your face looking older and quite manly. Using pencils can look quite dramatic on the face, so ladies cast your pencils aside and use a dark eye shadow or even an eyebrow gel. When using an eye shadow, ensure that the colour matches your hair colour. If it is too dark, it will create the same effect as the pencil, if you use an eyeshadow colour that is too light, it will either create a marbling effect or no difference at all to the look of your eyebrows.

Stripy Blusher

As we grow up, we are taught that applying your blusher in a stripe from the ball of your cheek towards your ears accentuates the cheekbones, however it is extremely dated and can make your makeup appear thick and strange looking. The look you always want to go for is natural and youthful, so applying your blusher to the balls of your cheeks only, is the way to go if you want to achieve this look. Using a rosy, peachy colour is great for bringing out the natural pigment of your skin.

Covering Your Under-Eyes with Concealer

Like many things, under-eye bags and dark circles come with the life of an adult so, why wouldn’t you want to cover them up as much as possible? As we get older, little creases and fine lines begin to form under the eyes and unfortunately, using a lot of concealer tends to accentuate these creases. Instead of using a thick concealer, try using a colour-corrector. By using a colour-corrector, this offsets the dark shade underneath the eye. Once you have added your colour-corrector, using a lightening powder can really help to cover the dark circles and lighten the skin surrounding your eyes, leaving you looking young, fresh and with glowing skin.

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