6 Ways to Prevent Crow’s Feet

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6 Ways to Prevent Crow’s Feet

You may be young and not really interested in caring for your eyes, or you just believe that nearly every product out there has ‘anti-aging’ written on it so therefore, you must be covered. Well, ladies if you don’t get started now, then one morning you may wake up and regret not looking after your eyes sooner. Your eyes are the first thing that people see and are the first thing that gives away your age. Here are some of our favourite tips to prevent and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

Wear Sunglasses

It is extremely important that you wear sunglasses if you are exposed to long periods of sun. Not only for the health of your eyes, but also for preventing wrinkles around the eyes. If the sun is in your eyes, it tends to make you ‘squint’. Squinting is a huge cause of wrinkles around the eyes, so remember that when going on holiday.

Use Sunscreen

Wearing factor 30+ every single day is a great way of preventing sun damage to your skin. In addition, wearing a high factored sunscreen can slow down the aging process. By wearing sunscreen, you are reducing your risk of skin cancer and reducing the signs of aging, which is really a great answer all round.


Treating yourself to a facial occasionally may be seen as a little excessive, however it is essential for keeping your skin looking young, fresh and healthy. Having a facial once or twice a month can help stimulate and rejuvenate the skin cells as well as increase the circulation and blood flow to the skin. Nuriss have a number of beneficial treatments that can help reduce the signs of aging and crow’s feet.

Use A Plumping Moisturising Eye Cream

One of the best ways to fill in the lines under your eyes and prevent those lines from forming, is by applying moisturising eye cream in the morning and before you go to sleep. When the skin cells under the eyes become dehydrated, they shrink and become flaccid. As the skin cells shrink, they begin to form small lines in-between the cells, these are the fine lines and crow’s feet that we are trying so hard to abolish. Ensuring that these skin cells remain hydrated is of utmost importance. Using creams such as the ‘Nuriss Eye Perfection Contouring Cream’ not only hydrates the skin cells, but additionally smooth’s out those fine lines and wrinkles.

Massage Around Your Eyes Daily

When we smile, crow’s feet begin to form. These lines become ingrained in the skin as we tend to smile quite often. These muscles surrounding the eyes work more than some muscles and because they are hard at work, most of the time, you need to relax those muscles every night. By gently using a circular motion when massaging your eye cream into your eyes for 5 minutes every night, you are relieving the build-up of tension in those muscles and are helping them to loosen, reducing or preventing the crow’s feet from forming.

Try Eating Foods High In Peptides

Peptides are a small chain of proteins that help our body to promote new and healthy skin. Peptides are no use when they are in their chemical form, however once they have been digested by the enzymes in our body, they release their skin healing properties. Foods like; milk, eggs, oily fish, grains and soybeans are high in Peptides. Peptides can even work like anti-wrinkle injections, relaxing the skin muscles and creating natural collagen as well as stimulating cell renewal and growth. Eating these on a regular basis is a great way to prevent wrinkles from appearing and to reduce the wrinkles that already exist.

Once you have crow’s feet, they are extremely hard to get rid of, however there are many ways to help reduce them and prevent them from appearing, so get started now, before it is too late.



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