5 steps to getting your pre-pregnancy body back

Your life has been totally changed and your body has been put through a lot! You probably haven’t had enough sleep in weeks and you’re super busy and tired. Pregnancy and labour are hard on the body and you need to look after yourself, allowing for a recovery period followed by rejuvenation and exercise. It takes dedication and patience when it comes to losing baby weight, toning up and getting your healthy, glowing skin back, so here are some tips from the experts at Nuriss, a skincare and wellness clinic in central London…

Exercise (in a safe way)


Exercise might be the last thing on your mind with you busy schedule and exhaustion but it’s important to get your body moving again in a safe way when you are ready. Having said that, your body won’t be ready for physical exercise for at least six weeks after giving birth, and longer if you’ve had a Caesarean section. Talk to your doctor about what exercises he or she thinks are safe for you and when you should start exercising. Walking is a fantastic option because you will ease back into exercise and get some much-needed fresh air. Swimming is another great hobby to take up, and yoga or Pilates classes are ideal for new mums. But be sure to talk to your instructor about your abilities and let them know when you gave birth.

Eat wholesome, healthy food


Aim for tasty, filling, healthy foods with plenty of lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and try not to give in to too many sugary temptations! Fruit salads with plain yoghurt make great, filling snacks and wholesome winter vegetable soups make warming, nutritious lunches or dinners. If you’re breastfeeding, you will need to fuel your body with healthy fats and nourishing meals and snacks throughout the day.



If you are able to breastfeed, it won’t only give your baby a great start to life, it will also help you burn an astounding number of calories each day. Breastfeeding burns between 500 and 700 calories every day, meaning even though it will make you eat more food, you will still lose weight. Be careful when you stop breastfeeding though, because if you continue eating in the same way, you will pack on the kilos!

Deal with your stretchmarks

One of the inevitable effects of pregnancy is stretchmarks, so once you’ve worked so hard on getting yourself back to a fit and healthy state, you might want to work on your skin. Nuriss’s Stretchmarks Fade-Away treatment uses an advanced form of micro-needling to encourage skin rejuvenation and healthier formation from deep within the skin layers. The radiofrequency/ultrasonic treatment stimulates the microcirculation process within the dermal layers, which helps to boost the skin cells, promoting new collagen growth.

Have a Mummy Tummy Treatment


No matter how much you exercise or how well you eat after pregnancy, it takes an extremely long time to get rid of stubborn tummy fat. You will find that your legs, arms, face and even buttocks will tone up long before that layer of tummy flab, which is why Nuriss’s Fade-Away Tummy Toner is so popular. The treatment uses radiofrequency waves to melt away the fat cells and reduce fatty deposits in these stubborn areas.

Nuriss is a health and skincare clinic in the heart of London. If you’re a new mum, the Mummy Makeover Package offers a range of treatments to help you achieve your pre-pregnancy body. The makeover packages are tailor-made to suit each individual patient.

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