12 All Too Familiar Makeup Fails

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Makeup is great to keep things looking fresh, try a new look, and express yourself in new ways. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. One miss-swipe, an unexpected rain shower, and a variety of everyday occurrences can spell disaster on your face. Doesn’t the modern woman have enough to worry about?

Love your makeup or hate it, we all struggle with the face-paint plight. Here are some of our most exasperating makeup fails.

1. When you left for the night, you were looking fresh as peach. Two sweaty club-hours later? Cue the melted clown.

Credit: Gifsec.com

2. When you thought you were getting your s*** together by investing in some long-lasting lipstick just to find that it’s the stuff of broken dreams.


Credit: Giphy.com

3. Once applied, you can forget about blowing your nose, sneezing, eating, and blinking.

Too much mascara fail

Credit: kavanawesome.tumblr.com

4. Your attempt to clean your makeup off your clothes and pillows is about as effective as this dog saving this fish.

Dog saving fish

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5. When you skip your makeup routine and it takes you a second to realize why everyone is asking you if you’re tired.

Woman in shock

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6. You get caught in the rain and your runny mascara makes you feel oh so sad.

Sad animal in the rain

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7. And if that movie was tragic enough to make you cry, you just wait to see your face.

Bill Hader with runny mascara

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8. When you can’t get any support on the cat eye:

Man messes up woman's makeup job.

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9. Doing makeup in a dark bathroom of a bar? No problem… Until you see it in natural lighting and your eyes just can’t make any sense of that mess.

Blinking owls

Credit: Cheezburger.com

10. You get home from a night on the town and skip your makeup remover. Forget about your hangover, your face is what really hurts. Ouch.

Wrecked woman with makeup all over her face.

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11. When you thought water-proof makeup was a good idea until no amount of washing will get it off.

Dog in the shower

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12. You look great not wearing makeup, but can’t shake the feeling that you’re naked.

Toddlers and Tiara girl with way too much makeup

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